Why You Need Oil Changes

Maintenance Basics

Are you a new vehicle owner? If so, you’ll need to be prepared for your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance needs. Now that you’ve made the big investment, you’ll want to protect it and keep the car running its best for as long as possible! Routine oil changes with Suburban Wrench in Pennington, New Jersey are the foundation for a healthy vehicle. Here’s why you need to make oil changes part of your vehicle maintenance!

Prioritize Engine Health

You may have picked your car for its size, color, style, power, or performance. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is whether or not your car can get you from point A to point B. To do that, your vehicle needs a powerful, reliable engine. Clean oil is essential to a healthy engine and oil changes are crucial to keeping the oil clean. If you want your car’s engine to keep working, you’ll want to keep up with oil changes.

Lubrication & Protection

So how do oil changes help the engine? Motor oil lubricates all the moving parts in the engine to prevent accelerated wear from friction. Without it, the engine would overheat and sustain serious damage. Over time, motor oil breaks down and loses its ability to lubricate and protect components effectively. If you want to avoid early repairs and stressful breakdowns, you can keep your engine healthy with clean oil.

Prevent Repairs & Breakdowns

If skipping oil changes can cause damage and lead to auto repairs, then keeping a consistent schedule can help you avoid them! That’s why oil changes are categorized as preventative care for your vehicle. They protect the engine in a way that prevents rapid degradation and subsequent breakdowns. That means you avoid replacing parts sooner than necessary!

Save Money

If changing the oil prevents degradation and early auto repairs, then that means the small investment into your vehicle’s protection could save you a lot of money! Engine repairs can be extremely expensive, which is why it pays off to frequently check-up on your engine’s health and give it the clean oil it needs to continue performing its best. Oil changes mean you won’t have to pay for an engine rebuild just a few years after purchasing a new vehicle!

Enjoy Peak Performance

When you press the gas pedal, you expect your vehicle to respond promptly. But over time, engine performance can suffer — that is if you don’t keep up with routine services to protect it. If you want your car to continue running both powerfully and reliably, you must invest in its care with routine oil changes.

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