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Preventative Maintenance Services

Suburban Wrench in Pennington, NJ has a team of auto service experts. We make sure our customers stay road-ready and avoid costly repairs down the road. Our team of ASE Certified techs stay on top of your vehicle’s needs with every service appointment. We design a maintenance service plan that will ensure better driving experiences. Let us know your expectations for your vehicle and we’ll show you how to make sure your vehicle meets them. Whether your vehicle is used for loading, pulling and towing or for daily commutes, we know how to take care of it. We pay attention to all of your vehicle’s systems. Thorough inspection services help us analyze all of your vehicle’s components.

Our pre-purchase inspections are exceptional because we sell an inventory of vehicles that have already received the same service. We’ll keep your vehicle in excellent condition with a maintenance service plan that’s perfectly suited for you. Bring us any of your maintenance services, including oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, fluid exchanges, lube services, diagnostic services, computer diagnostics, and more. These services make sure you stay ahead of all performance issues. Our goal is to make sure you stay on the road with a vehicle performing at its best.

From Minor to Major Repair Services – Diesel & Hybrids, Too!

We’ll handle all of your vehicle’s services from bumper to bumper. The goal is to keep you current with maintenance services because they help us identify issues before they happen. Even the most disciplined service plan can lead to a repair need. Normal wear-and-tear from road travel can lead to a repair need. Every repair service begins with an accurate diagnosis. We’re using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find out what wrong with your vehicle’s performance.

Avoid misdiagnoses by coming to Suburban Wrench first. We make sure you know what’s happening under the hood. Our technicians are never going to play the guessing game on your dime, or use up your time. Our diagnostic equipment will let us know where to start when putting your vehicle back on the road to peak performance.

Schedule Your Auto Service Appointment

Suburban Wrench is ready to put your vehicle in the best condition possible. We can service your vehicle from bumper to bumper, providing any necessary maintenance or repairs. Feel free to come to us for a second or third opinion regarding your vehicle’s services. Just because a technician tells you that your vehicle needs an expensive repair service does not mean that it’s the truth. You can always count on us to tell you exactly what you need, and you can count on it not costing you an arm and a leg. Give us a call today at 609-737-1235 to schedule an auto service appointment. You can also use our convenient online scheduling system.