What if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

What Will Happen?

If you ask a vehicle owner what’s one of the more important maintenance tasks you need to stay on top of when it comes to a car’s health, many of them will respond with an oil change, and rightfully so. Oil changes are crucial to maintaining your car’s performance and without it, the engine would quickly fall into a state of disrepair. But with that said, what exactly will happen if your car doesn’t go through an oil change? Is it really as bad as technicians say? Or are they just bluffing?

Well, if you’re wondering how a lack of oil changes can affect your vehicle, here are just a few common problems that can come with that:

Seizing Engine

One of the key responsibilities for motor oil is to keep the various parts within it properly lubricated. Common parts that benefit from motor oil include the cylinders and pistons, both of which should be familiar to vehicle owners. Without motor oil, these fast-moving parts will lead to metal-on-metal contact that could get so hot that the parts actually weld together. It shouldn’t be surprising how damaging this can be, and you’ll likely be spending thousands of dollars to get it fixed or replaced.

Overheating Engine

Along with keeping the engine lubricated, motor oil also helps regulate the temperature. Known as “oil cooling,” the engine utilizes the oil similar to a coolant, as it will direct a lot of the heat it creates to the oil. From there, the oil is transferred to an oil cooler, which is similar to a radiator and is then sent back to the engine for continuous cooling. Without clean oil, the helpful additives typically provided won’t be available due to thermal breakdown and the oil won’t be able to absorb heat as easily. As a result, your vehicle’s engine will overheat a lot easier.

If you notice that your car is due for an oil change, don’t wait till problems arise to have the service. Make sure you have it done quickly and schedule an oil change service with Suburban Wrench in Pennington, NJ. Our automotive professionals can help you find the right motor oil for your needs and replace the old oil with your selection so that you can continue to see the performance benefits you expect from your vehicle.

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